We live in a world that’s more connected than ever before.
So why is it that we feel so


Hi, I'm Patsy - an experience designer & event stylist who believes the key to running an ONline business is to take things OFFline, meet people face-to-face, and foster the kind of connections that last a lifetime. 

That's why I'm passionate about helping online entrepreneurs create in-person events that cultivate a sense of community, forge stronger relationships, and bring people together in a way that makes them feel supported and connected and part of something bigger. 

In other words, I'm in the business of helping people get REALLY intentional about the lives they touch and change. 

Because hosting an event isn't only about getting butts in seats, it's about inviting hearts into those seats; creating an experience for people and touch points that continually ask the question, 

“How do I want my guests to FEEL?”

It's about growing your business in a meaningful way that MATTERS. And it's about sharing your message with people in such a way that makes it a no brainer for them to work with you and share you with everyone they know. 

Feel overwhelmed by the idea of hosting your own extraordinary experience? Don’t know where to start? Worry you don’t have enough time?

I'd love the opportunity to partner with you so you can give your all where it's needed most - knowing that everything's being handled expertly on your behalf. Together, we'll identify the people you most want to serve, then craft a marketing and experience map that is 100% aligned with you, your business, and how you want to show up - and keep showing up. 




Explore what's possible for you.

Tap into your inner visionary as we lay out a launch strategy and aesthetic for your event. 

Whatever level of support you need to breathe your event into being, I'll customize a package that's right for you.

All photography captured by Brittanny Taylor