Client Bio

Jeannie Spiro is Speaking Strategist, Sales & Business Coach who specializes in helping her clients speak their way to more clients through signature talks, webinars, workshops and online courses.

People & Purpose

Women coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs 1-5 years in business who are tired of haphazardly trying different marketing efforts and achieving little-to-no results will leave the Talk & Profit LIVE! event feeling empowered to take massive action in their businesses using the blueprint they design during the three-day workshop to land paying clients, cash and sales through speaking.

Vision & Objective

To create an atmosphere that combines the intimacy and loving energy of a bridal shower with the profound impact and empowerment of a business mastermind retreat. The three-day experience will radiate: deep connection, transformational growth, massive action and loads of fun. It will be intentionally designed to entice 20 women to join a year-long mastermind program, which includes a monthly business curriculum, 1:1 coaching, weekly Q&A group coaching calls, and in-person group intensives twice per year. Additionally, a handful of Private Coaching slots will be available to individuals seeking a more customized approach.



Target Number of Attendees: 75

Conversion Rate: 25-30% [fill year-long mastermind program with 20 students]

Experience: To create an in-person event that leaves attendees feeling more connected to Jeannie, to each other — and themselves — and compelled join a community of like-minded women in a year-long mastermind program. Those who chose not to join the mastermind, will leave the event with a customized marketing blueprint to attract more clients into their business and actionable steps for implementing what they learned, plus, new connections.

Marketing Timeline & Approach

Timeline: 6-months

Multi-layered Fill Strategy: email campaign to 2,800 subscribers, affiliate promotions, current mastermind students who enrolled a certain number of guests received incentives/prizes, public speaking at local events, strategic in-person networking

Overall Experience & Sales Approach

Ticket Price:
Early Bird, $$
Regular Pricing, $$$

The Space:
The 3-day experience was held at the beautiful Omni Hotel in downtown Providence, RI. The event kicked-off on a Wednesday morning and came to a close on a Friday evening.

The space was transformed to mirror Jeannie’s nurturing and feminine, yet bold brand. Black tablecloths with bold black & white runners, white and purple flower arrangements, sleek gray modern furniture on the stage, and accents of silver and gray throughout the room made a huge statement. (Not your average sales conference). Attendees knew they were in the right place when they were greeted for registration outside the door. We worked with a graphic designer to translate her brand into a beautiful workbook, signage, presentation slides and sales brochures for her offer.

Coffee and tea were available all day, and light snacks were provided during morning and afternoon breaks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were on their own. We reached out to several local restaurants within walking distance of the hotel who were more than happy to provide coupons for things like: 1 complimentary glass of champagne with the purchase of an entree, 1 free small hot coffee, 10% off your total purchase. The idea: to not only give guests an amazing experience within the hotel, but to provide them with a taste of Providence, as well. Local businesses saw this as a benefit, more patrons in their doors over the course of those three days, and of course it was a beautiful gift for our guests, as well. Win-win.

The Program:
On Day 1, Jeannie shared her story, gave guests the opportunity to share theirs, then began delivering content. That evening we arranged a welcome reception at co-working space a few blocks away, with a beautiful view of the city. This served as an opportunity for guests to get to know one another better, enjoy live acoustic music, champagne, lite bites & dessert. The entire evening event was made possible through in-kind sponsors, who were seeking exposure for their products/services. Guests were encouraged to share their "a-ha moments" from the day with each other during the reception. 

Day 2 & 3, guests were invited to join Jeannie’s personal fitness sponsor for early-morning pre-event yoga before the program started up again. The morning of Day 2, was all about content. After guests returned from lunch, Jeannie introduced her offer. Time was built into the event timeline for individual questions, and sales conversations. Later that evening a few women who enrolled in the program the year before, shared their success stories. 

On Day 3, the full panel of sponsors, lifestyle business owners with different areas of expertise, took the stage on Friday afternoon to share their perspectives on best practices for creating a business that matched their chosen lifestyles.

[Note: This combined paid/in-kind sponsorship approach raised $3,750 toward the cost of producing the event, and saved $2,275 in product costs, had we purchased items that were gifted in-kind. This approach provided the sponsors with exposure to an audience interested in their products and services, restaurateurs who participated built a loyal following, and it kept expenses down for the client. Win-win-win.]


Actual Number of Attendees: 62

Total Cost to Produce the Event: $$K

Profit Before Sales Conversion: $$$

Profit After Sales Conversion: $$$K

Conversion Rate: 34%; 22 attendees enrolled in the Mastermind program

  • of the 22 enrolled, 8 were enrolling for a second year (had gone through the 1st tiered program the previous year and re-enrolled for a second year)

  • 5 chose the Private Coaching tier which was structured as a private client relationship at a higher price point

  • 6 out of the 9 remaining enrollees were friends of individuals who had already been through the program

^ evidence that trust begets trust, there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth referrals



Client Testimonial

Patsy Culp helped me put on the best event in my business to date. I taught and gave my all for three straight days and behind the scenes Patsy and her And Celebrate team took care of me and ensured my guests had an exceptional experience. Having Patsy support me allowed me to step into my zone of genius and to serve my guests at the highest level possible.

What totally blew me away was the attention she gave to translating my brand into the physical space and ensuring that not only was the space beautiful, but the event experience from start to finish reflected my business values and left guests feeling more connected to me & one another.

So I celebrate. A wonderful event, a full mastermind program, and the chance to create change in more lives of entrepreneurs across the country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Patsy. Here’s to you supporting many more entrepreneurs with your event planning, event styling & marketing business!

You are a rising star!