My Philosophy

Hosting an event isn't only about getting butts in seats, it's about inviting hearts into those seats;
creating an experience for people and touch points that continually ask the question,

“How do I want my clients to FEEL?”

It's about growing your business in a meaningful way that MATTERS.

And it's about sharing your message with people in such a way that makes it a no-brainer for them to work with you and share you with everyone they know.

I’ve  experienced the profound impact of doing business in a meaningful way - and I’d love you to experience that, too.

I help conscious entrepreneurs and thought leaders elevate their businesses by creating one-of-a-kind, unforgettable, immersive experiences - such as live events, masterclasses, or retreats.


I do that by:

While most event planners approach an event from a design perspective with the intention of making the space look beautiful, my focus also encompasses the impact the event has on your attendees on an emotional level.

Often, this begins long before they set foot through the door. 


When I married my husband Matt, we did something a  little untraditional. 

We had our ceremony on a Wednesday evening in the little Americana town where I grew up - and only invited our immediate family to share in our special moment. Then, two days later, we invited our extended family and friends to come and party with us.

We made the entire weekend a celebration - even going so far as to organize a movie night at the back of the general store to keep everyone entertained, and giving everyone a coupon for some local fudge.

At the main event, there was a sign as soon as people walked in that said, "Seat yourself." And instead of asking anyone to prepare a speech, we simply stood up and thanked everyone for showing up. 

It was casual and comfortable and people felt relaxed and loved and appreciated. 

Our big day was never about the ring ...

It was never about the dress. 

And it was never about the ceremony. 

It was simply and powerfully about the people and the lives that were important to us - and celebrating all of that.

I carry this ethos into every experience I help design.

That's because I really do believe that, when we tap into how we want our guests to feel,
it has a powerful and long-lasting effect.

THIS is what leads to a successful and memorable event - one people talk about for months, if not years to come.

I also believe in cultivating a culture of reciprocity and gratitude by pulling in the support of those
people who long to see you thrive.

Because allowing those who love you to help you is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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Professional Bio 

Patsy Culp is the founder of And Celebrate, an intentional experience & event design company dedicated to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs transform their big event ideas into high-impact, meaningful experiences. Her mission is to help you celebrate your passion and purpose by bringing likeminded people together and leave them feeling more connected to you, to one another, and to themselves - and inspired to take action. With close to a decade’s worth of corporate marketing experience, a degree in public relations, a secondary degree in graphic design, a certificate in transformational life coaching, and an innate passion for celebration, Patsy’s work as an experience designer beautifully marries her talents, skills, and background with her highest values of community, celebration, collaboration, and personal growth. Born and raised in the small town of Belgrade, Maine, she now considers herself a proud Rhode Island transplant. She and her husband, Matt, reside on the East Side of Providence and love celebrating everything Little Rhody has to offer.