How did And Celebrate come to be?

Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve around celebrations at my grandparents’ dining room table in Maine – cake, silly hats, wacky games.

Our family lived by the motto, 'It’s all about the experience.' Handwritten notes, handmade Valentines, thoughtful wrapping paper - these seemingly inconsequential special touches made me feel loved and well cared for. And, over the years, I witnessed how others were touched by these same small gestures.  

The in-between years: I made my way to Rhode Island to attend college, graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Public Relations. PR helped me strengthen my writing skills and taught me the importance of storytelling. Later, I returned to school to earn a second degree in Graphics, Multimedia & Web Design from New England Institute of Technology. There, I learned how to visually tell stories through design. Over the last decade, I built a career in marketing, serving a variety of sectors — from insurance, to fashion, to technology, and real estate — always with an emphasis on client relations and event management, all the while simultaneously investing in my own personal development — dozens of courses, classes, workshops, conferences and retreats attended.

Fast forward to today: And Celebrate was born from blending my combined life experience, passion for celebration and recognition that purpose-driven entrepreneurs could use a partner in brand building, event strategy and content development to reach the people they most want to serve while making a more meaningful impact on the world.

What makes And Celebrate different?

And Celebrate encompasses much more than event planning — we're all about the experience! Together, we identify the series of touchpoints and experiences that will elevate our clients’ in-person events long before their guests walk in the door. It's about putting ourselves in the guest’s shoes and asking our clients, "how do you want your guests to feel?” ... That becomes the jumping off point for building in design elements and micro-brand-experiences to make each event more meaningful and impactful. This often includes, event promotion, email sequencing leading up to the event, branded décor items, activities prior-to and during the event, branded workbooks and printed materials, takeaways, gifts, future client on-boarding elements, such as “welcome for joining” gift ideas and email sequences.

Why is this important?

Because when businesses infuse the same level of care and detail into their brands that my mom and grandmother demonstrated to be so impactful in everyday life, they have the opportunity to set themselves apart and ensure their prospects and clients feel seen, heard, appreciated, and well-cared for — which, in turn, leads to positive client reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and lifelong friends & clients. Now, that’s something to celebrate!