Raise your hand if you’re a service-based business owner who feels …

👋🏻 confident about the value you deliver to your clients, but find it challenging to break through the noise in the crowded online marketplace in order for your message to be seen and heard.

👋🏻 committed to building your business and brand around your dream lifestyle.

👋🏻 fueled by the work that you do, the people you impact, and feel grateful every day, knowing you have the opportunity to create and share your wisdom with the world in a way that affects positive change.

👋🏻 driven by purpose and passion, and know that when you’re operating from a place of alignment, prosperity will follow.

👋🏻 called to reach more people and create deeper connections with those you already serve.

👋🏻 lit up by the thought of creating a live event, workshop, or retreat for your brand ... but then you freeze.


That pesky little voice in your head says …  

“You don’t have the time or energy to plan and execute an experience!”

“You don’t even have enough contacts to fill the room. Who will actually show up?”

“Are you really going to invest money into something you don’t know if you can even pull off?”


But your heart says …

“Hey darlin.’ Look, you and I both know that live events are the ultimate incubator for cultivating real, meaningful, in-person connections with your audience.”

“And, when designed thoughtfully and with the purpose to transform and delight — you’ll create massive impact in the lives of those you most want to serve, plus simultaneously build client relationships for life.”


Deep down, you know that …

By giving people the opportunity to experience you in real life, you’ll exponentially build trust with your ideal clients —and build community in the process.

We all know why trust is essential when it comes to building a business: people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Trust builds relationships, and relationships build results, which translate into glowing client reviews, word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, more, happy, (ideal) paying customers.

april-theinstaedit-01 (1).jpg

At this live workshop, And Celebrate Founder, Patsy Culp, will be pulling back the curtain on what it takes to create a meaningful, impactful live event experience that leaves your guests feeling more connected to you, your message, one another — and themselves.

This experience was born out of a desire to help service-based business owners feel confident about incorporating live event experiences into their business and walk away with a step-by-step action plan that covers FOUR key things:


1. Purpose: 

  • Design a crystal clear vision for your event

2. People: 

  • Attract the right audience that is looking for more of what you have
  • Leverage social media to create a larger impact

3. Plan:

  • Communicate your content and expertise
  • Incorporate branded elements into the experience with simple and effective ideas
  • Identify a venue that fits your vision (and budget)
  • Surprise and delight: how to plant seeds of connection before, during & after your event to build long-lasting community
  • Plus, an overview of what it takes to transform a physical space into the magical oasis you've envisioned

4. Profit:

  • Create a profitable ticket price
  • Build your event budget and learn creative ways to keep costs low
  • How to identify well-suited vendor partners & sponsors

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Here's how it will go down ... The morning will start with lite bites, introductions and casual conversation, then we'll dive right into the good stuff: PURPOSE and PEOPLE. Without clarity on these two things, you can’t successfully move forward. There will be writing exercises, opportunities to clarify your ideas, and loads of past client experiences shared to inspire possibilities within your own event. Around noon, we’ll take a break to enjoy a beautiful lunch spread and get to know one another even better. After lunch we’ll dive back in and begin making some serious decisions around your PLAN and PROFIT. There will be plenty of breaks, plenty of snacks, and plenty of time to ask your specific questions. The whole experience is designed to be interactive. If it’s one thing Patsy knows for sure, we all have wisdom to share with one another and collaboration is the key to making any good idea EXTRAORDINARY. Around 4p, we’ll wrap up and use the final hour to connect & celebrate over bubbly beverages and delicious desserts.


📷: Brittanny Taylor, captured on April 22, 2018 at Rooms&Works.


About the Host


Over the course of her career, Patsy has spent thousands of hours studying, designing & executing bespoke events. Since founding And Celebrate, LLC in 2014, she has supported a diverse array of clients in the personal & professional development space ranging from intimate high-touch workshops and retreats to large-scale international speaking tours.

With over a decade of corporate marketing experience, degrees in public relations, brand development and graphic design, plus a certificate in transformational life coaching, Patsy’s work through And Celebrate integrates her background, knowledge, and talents with her highest values of community, collaboration, and personal growth.