Brands We're Celebrating: LaTonya Yvette


LaTonya Yvette is a lifestyle blogger with a focus on motherhood, style and the pursuit of creative joys in and outside of it.

Why We’re Celebrating

Amongst the many things we love about LaTonya, insanely stylish, admirable mother to two beautiful babes, River and Oak, LaTonya is authentic to the core!  From being interviewed by the Cut, writing pieces for InStyle, and sharing via her own platforms LaTonya lets us into her life in an honest and inspiring way.  Everything from learning to love her post-baby body, to what power means to her and so much more. The consistency and transparency behind the LaTonya Yvette brand bring a unique level of trust and joy to her following, one that can sometimes be hard to come by, especially in this day-in-age.

Speaking of joy, we love LaTonya’s brand message “trying to find the joy inside and outside it all.” Trust us if you haven’t thrown her the follow yet we highly suggest doing so.  Her Instagram feed has that moody New York aesthetic you can't help but fall in love with, pictures of her gorgeous family and beautifully styled Brooklyn Brownstone ... but what we love to most about @latonyayvette, are that her captions share so much insight and inspiration through deep meaningful quotes, raw, real-life experiences, plus the exciting news about what’s going on in her world … did you know that she has a book coming out?!  WE ARE SO EXCITED!

You can find out more about LaTonya HERE and HERE.

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Brands We're Celebrating: Kristin Lohr


Kristin Lohr is a Chicago-based Life Coach, Writer, and Host of the Soul Sparks Podcast 


Why We’re Celebrating

Kristin is a motivational source of wisdom and inspiration. When we first came across her beautiful watercolor quotes paired with captions to speak directly to our souls on Instagram, we were hooked. Then we learned her story and were even more in love. Not too long ago, Kristin left her Corporate America job as a workplace consultant to follow her heart in becoming a life coach. Taking the raw messy unfiltered vulnerability which is life and coaching her clients to identify their strengths while uncovering self-limiting beliefs and hidden thought patterns — she's changing the world and reminding us all of the truth of who we are.

We love Kristin's brand message: we're all sacred souls living a messy, beautiful, human experience and we're in this game of life together. We also love the way she delivers her message: whether we are scrolling her gorgeous Instagram feed, tuning into her Soul Sparks Podcast, where she interviews other like-minded, motivating individuals, or opening up our emails to find a Soul Sparks Newsletter in our inbox (sign-up here). We're here to celebrate all the inspiration and motivation Kristin brings to her clients and Soul Sparks Community she has cultivated. 

You can find out more about Kristin here, here & here

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