FREE 30-minute Event Strategy Call

Do you wish you could elevate your business to the next level by hosting an extraordinary
experience, but feel overwhelmed by the idea - or unqualified to make it happen?

Or maybe you've hosted an event - or events - before, but are ready to bring on board a partner to help you execute so that you can use your creative energies elsewhere.

Whether you're planning on hosting a two-hour event or three-day event, the first step is to schedule a FREE 30-minute Event Strategy Call with me so that we can explore what's possible for you.

What do you have to lose? Take a look at the calendar below and select a date and time that works best for you. I can't wait to explore all that is possible for you!


Events are like incubators for connection.

And when that event is in person rather than through a computer screen, the relationships that are formed are stronger and last longer and are more powerful than ever. 

There is something profound that happens when people come together as a community; when they get to be who they say they are; when they can show up fully and authentically and with an open heart ... 

People remember you. They warm to you. And they want to keep you in their life - by whatever means necessary.

That’s why I wholeheartedly believe that hosting an unforgettable LIVE experience has the potential to completely transform your business and help you make the kind of money and impact you’ve been dreaming about.

Read on to find out the different ways in which we can work together. If you're not clear on anything, feel free to reach out or book a FREE 30-minute Event Strategy Call with me today.

Deep Dive: Event Strategy Session

Happy to take care of the details yourself, but need help strategizing and visualizing what your event will look like? 

My Deep Dive: Two-Hour Event Styling & Strategy Sessions are in-depth, one-on-one experiences during which you'll gain clarity around your event vision, mission, and the results you want to see brought to life - as well as what will make the essence (tone, style, feel) of this event unique to you

Together, we'll look at your strengths, the space you occupy in your industry, the people you want to serve, and the message you want to send, and piece together an event concept and plan that will ensure you blow people away and encourage them to continue working with you long after your event is over. 

Here's what it'll look like:

  • You + me, in person - or by Zoom - for two full hours:
    • Getting really clear on your big event idea
    • Identifying your dream support team (i.e. copywriter, graphic designer, photographer, caterer, event staff, etc.)
    • Establishing your budget (tips on how to create an experience that aligns with your budget will be provided)
    • Identifying key milestones and action items necessary for moving forward

Your investment of $550, also includes:

  • Marketing direction and guidance for handling essential event elements such as negotiating vendor contracts with venues, caterers, etc.
  • A customized event plan and marketing timeline - delivered digitally to you within 1 week of our meeting
  • A how-to guide that lays out your next steps so you can launch your event with confidence - and without any last-minute panics
  • Plus, 2 x 45-minute Follow-Up Sessions (via phone) to be used how you wish, anytime leading up to your event


Full Accountability & Comprehensive Support

Need accountability to help put your strategy into motion, or want a partner by your side to manage it all? 

Whatever the level of your support you're looking for, there's something here for you: 

Elements can include:

  • Deep Dive: Two-Hour Event Styling & Strategy Session to determine event vision, mission, and the results you want to see brought to life - as well as what will make the essence (tone, style, feel) of this event unique to you

  • Overall event logistics and project management 

  • Research and source essential event elements including venue, catering, audio visual and registration/invitation needs

  • Research, secure and/or manage venue and catering bookings

  • Site visits: with the chosen venue; creation of site plan for day(s)-of event

  • Budget creation & monitoring, including guidance around budget vision

  • Sponsorship direction, outreach, and coordination for day(s)-of event
  • Continual communication & project updates via Trello, email and weekly phone calls, as well as, in-person meetings planned in advance/as needed

  • Pre-event meeting to run through event schedule, flow of the event and any foreseeable obstacles prior to the event

  • Team on-site for day(s)-of logistics, including creating a production schedule and leading on-site event execution

  • Post event debrief to review key learnings and takeaways