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If you feel lit up by the thought of creating a live event, workshop, or retreat for your brand... 

but that pesky little voice in your head says…  

“You don’t have the time or energy to plan and execute an experience!”

“You don’t even have enough contacts to fill the room. Who will actually show up?”

“Are you really going to invest money into something you don’t know if you can even pull off?”

We can help.


Hi, I’m Patsy!

Founder & Celebration Strategist

Hi, I’m Ashley!

Architect of Possibilities


Live events are the ultimate incubator for cultivating real, meaningful, in-person connections with your audience.

By giving people the opportunity to experience you in real life, you’ll exponentially build trust with your ideal clients —creating a community in the process, leading to more, happy, paying customers.


Here’s how we can help


Event Planning Course

Lit up by the thought of creating a live event, workshop, or retreat for your brand, but not sure where to begin? Our Event Planning Guide helps you get clear on your event vision, the impact you desire to make, and the right next steps for bringing that vision to life.


Event Strategy Hotline

Got an event planning question? We’ve got answers! Whether you’re just getting started and find yourself seeking a little guidance or have come up against an unexpected roadblock well into the planning process, we’re here to help. 1-hour of time with us can save you 100s of hours researching answers to your specific questions.


Accelebrator Packages™

We take service-based business owners —eager to reach more people and create more impact through live events— out of overwhelm and into action. Everything you need to create a meaningful, memorable live event experience. We’ll formulate a customized experience design plan according to your brand's needs helping you accelerate & celebrate your event idea into action.


We began planning Denise DT’s Money Mindset US Tour over eight months prior to our first event “kick-off” and being that we’re based in Australia, it was important to us to find a US-based event partner with an organized and professional team that could put our minds at ease. Hiring And Celebrate did just that — the team gave Denise and me confidence with every detail of production, from finding the ideal venue in each city to organizing sponsors to coordinating and negotiating with vendors. We are so grateful to have found And Celebrate and couldn’t be more pleased with the success of our work together.
— Mark Duffield-Thomas, DeniseDT.com

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