Gain the clarity & confidence required to produce a live event that deepens your connection to your audience, saves you A TON of time, and creates prosperity with our comprehensive Parasol Approach.™ 

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Step 1: - Start with A Spoonful of Clarity™

To plan an extraordinary live experience, clarity is required. Without it, overwhelm takes over and paralysis sets in. With it, you'll be ready to make things happen faster than you ever thought possible. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Alright, then. Shall we begin?


Step 2: - Accelerate & Celebrate with an Accelebrator Package™

After A Spoonful of Clarity™, you'll be eager to begin taking action. Knowing why you’re gathering people together, what you’re going to share, how this event will impact the future of your business & which event style is right for you will point you in the right direction. Our Accelebrator Packagesare designed to accelerate & celebrate that clarity into action. We do this by, jolting you into a land of possibility. Then, we deliver a detailed roadmap (inclusive of suggested pit stops and warnings of potential roadblocks along the way) for you to follow all the way through.