Client Bio

Deb Walsh, is a social entrepreneur and community catalyst whose various endeavors include creating intimate conversation salons and personal development workshops, curating and hosting communities designed for deep listening and mindfulness; and a broad range of writing and event production for filmmakers, artists and various other changemakers.

People & Purpose

An intergenerational group of women who are hungry for a place to BE and connect with one another. To create creating experiences that foster connection, conversation, and community in a world where most of us humans feel increasingly isolated, lonely, and disconnected.   

Vision & Objective

To build a community around these gatherings, using story-sharing, guided questions, and small group conversations to cultivate deep listening, community, and connection.



Target Number of Attendees: 25-50

Experience: To create an in-person event that leaves attendees feeling more connected to Deb, to each other — and themselves — and compelled return to each new themed event. 

Marketing Timeline & Approach

Timeline: 2-months

Multi-layered Fill Strategy: email campaign, Facebook promotions, bring a friend. 

Overall Experience & Sales Approach

Ticket Price:
Regular Pricing, $$


“This space could not have been more intimate, more special. I feel connected and awake and encouraged about the future.”
“An absolute inspiration. You connect hope, dreams, inspiration and art.
“Great to have such a connection and reminder of all that is possible.”
“I experienced a deep sense of connection and appreciation for everyone present.”
“I am not alone.”  

Client Testimonial

Patsy’s passion for creating unique experiences shines in everything she does, from pre-event concepting through final execution. She helped me produce a first-ever event that came in on-budget and unforgettable by all accounts.

Patsy is a true professional who radiates a kind of calm that belies the meticulous and artful attention she gives to every element she builds into your event.