Client Bio

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a money mindset coach and mentor for thousands of female entrepreneurs who create, launch, and operate their own successful businesses. Her flagship course, the Money Bootcamp, has helped over 4,400 women overcome their money blocks, earn more and start to create their first class lives. A certified life coach, Denise helps women release their fear of money, learn how to set premium prices for their work, and take back control over their finances. In other words, she shows women how to upgrade from Economy Class thinking to a truly First-Class life. A Certified Money, Marketing & Soul coach and Certified Sacred Money Archetypes coach with the International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWCB), Denise recently was able to “retire” her husband and they are building their dream beach-house for them and their children.

People & Purpose

In addition to offering her trademark online course, the Money Bootcamp, Denise offers courses and webinars tackling common problems for women like learning your money personality (quiz taken 44,000 times in the first month of launching in June 2017), eliminating Money Blocks (24,000+ participants), free videos on topics like how to create passive income products (29,000+ views), and The Lucky Bitch Podcast, which has over 150,000+ downloads. Denise’s social media reach is substantial, with over 65,000 followers across popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, where her videos have been viewed over 450,000 times. She also does weekly Facebook Live chats, with 2,000 people watching in real time (on average) and a total of more than 700,000 views. Denise’s newsletter subscription and email list is a highly engaged group of 115,000 female entrepreneurs from across the world with over 70% of this audience in North America. Since Denise virtually built her entire business online, she decided it was time to deepen the connection to her massive community with a series of inspirational talks and meet & greet events while traveling across the US on holiday with her growing family. 

Vision & Objective

1) To say 'thank you' to Denise's current audience, and 2) welcome warm leads into the Lucky B Community with a series of two-hour events taking place in four cities across the US during the month of October 2017: Los Angeles, Miami, New York City & Dallas. Plus, two full-day VIP experiences to follow the two-hour evening events in Los Angeles & New York City. Each main event venue location needed to be equipped with lighting and AV and have the capacity to accommodate up to 250 guests. The vision was simple, Denise would deliver her talk, followed by a Q&A period, then invite guests to join the Money Bootcamp Online Course. The intention was to create a premium experience, while keeping things simple and straightforward, not overly produced — the series was designed to be easily replicable across all four cities. Each VIP experience was held in a premium hotel ballroom large enough to accommodate up to 40 people.



Target Number of Attendees: 1,000 across all six events

Conversion Rate: 10% [convert 100 people into the Money Bootcamp Online Course; attendees received a generous discount, if they opted-in]

Experience: To say 'thank you' to the Lucky B Community members in attendance, give hugs, share an inspirational talk, capture live testimonials from Lucky Bees who experienced transformations as a result of completing the program, and invite people new to the community to join. Those who choose not to join the program, would leave the event feeling inspired and connected to new likeminded women in their area.

Marketing Approach

Timeline: 8-months

Multi-layered Fill Strategy: email campaign to 115,000 subscribers, targeted Facebook & Instagram ads, affiliate promotions, bring-a-friend incentives

Overall Experience & Sales Approach

Ticket Prices: 
Main Event, $$
Full-Day VIP Experience, $$$

The Space:
Each Main Event venue was thoughtfully chosen to represent the elements of the Denise DT brand; a clean, modern esthetic, natural light & bohemian chic elements, wherever possible. Though each of the Main Event spaces were quite different from each other, we incorporated a touch of the Denise DT brand in each space, using flowers on stage, pop-up banners, a branded photo backdrop, and coordinated branded tunics for the event staff to stand out from the crowd. Bottles of water were provided to each guest as they checked-in and up-beat female pop music was played as guests arrived and found their way to their seats. 

Both of the VIP Event spaces were flooded with natural light, leaving guests feeling connected to the beautiful surroundings overlooking Santa Monica Pier outside of LA & the Statue of Liberty in Battery Park, NYC. The same branded elements were incorporated in these settings, as well. Fresh flowers on each table, and beautiful spreads for breakfast and lunch inside the room.

The Program:
The Main Event was a simple 60-minute talk, followed by 30-minutes of Q&A. After the presentation, guests were invited to take a photo with Denise.  [To be noted: Prior to the start of the event, 5 pre-selected Lucky Bees were chosen to arrive early and record a "success story" testimonial for future marketing purposes. These ladies had the opportunity to meet Denise beforehand as a special thank you.]

The VIP Experience was structured as an all-day workshop. Attendees were provided with simple worksheets and received ample 1:1 time with Denise in a more intimate setting. A full-day of learning, growing & connecting with one another. Many of the women who attended the VIP Experience, also attended the Main Event the night before. [To be noted: We captured informal testimonials during break times at these events, as well.]


Actual Number of Attendees: 743

  • LA Main Event: 115
    LA VIP Experience: 35

  • Miami Main Event: 72

  • NYC Main Event: 356
    NYC VIP Experience: 42

  • Dallas Main Event: 123

Total Cost to Produce the Event Series: $$K

Total Ticket Sales Across all Events: $$$K

In-Kind Sponsorship Donations: $K [beGlammed hair and make-up in advance of each event]

Profit Before Sales Conversion: $$K

Profit After Sales Conversion: $$$K

Conversion Rate: ~ 9% 

  • The focus to deliver inspiration with a mention of the offer toward the end of the talk, and a follow-up email with the offer the next day, was very successful — not only was it easy on all parties, but it kept the vibe light & fun, further deepening connections and building trust in the process. 

Client Testimonials

And Celebrate made everything so easy and every detail was thoughtfully touched with a hint of the DDT brand! Each venue across our US tour was tailored perfectly. From the introductory music played, to the on-brand outfits worn by the day-of event teams, to the overall décor and environment that was created; I felt like my community had the opportunity to really connect to the brand on a whole new level. As the host of the tour, I was able to really focus on being on stage, secure that each event would run seamlessly with Patsy and her team by my side!
We began planning Denise DT’s Money Mindset US Tour over eight months prior to our first event “kick off” and being that we’re based in Australia, it was important to us to find a US-based event partner with an organized and professional team that could put our minds at ease. Hiring And Celebrate did just that — the team gave Denise and I confidence with every detail of production, from finding the ideal venue in each city to organizing sponsors to coordinating and negotiating with vendors. We are so grateful to have found And Celebrate and couldn’t be more pleased with the success of our work together.

— Mark Duffield-Thomas, Husband & Business Manager