Kristoffer "KC" Carter

“Patsy is my first call when it comes to bringing my clients together for offsite retreats. She cares about them as people (and their experience) as much as I do, and draws from her amazing bag of skills to create lasting memories, and a profitable event. Her energy and passion for delighting people through events is infectious. Patsy is a battery, a strategist, and a muse.”


— Kristoffer Carter “KC”, Advisor: Organizational + Personal Transformation


Mark Duffield-Thomas

"We began planning Denise DT’s Money Mindset US Tour over eight months prior to our first event “kick off” and being that we’re based in Australia, it was important to us to find a US-based event partner with an organized and professional team that could put our minds at ease. Hiring And Celebrate did just that — the team gave Denise and me confidence with every detail of production, from finding the ideal venue in each city to organizing sponsors to coordinating and negotiating with vendors. We are so grateful to have found And Celebrate and couldn’t be more pleased with the success of our work together."

— Mark Duffield-Thomas,

Denise Duffield-Thomas

"And Celebrate made everything so easy and every detail was thoughtfully touched with a hint of the DDT brand! Each venue across our US tour was tailored perfectly. From the introductory music played, to the on-brand outfits worn by the day-of-event teams, to the overall décor and environment that was created; I felt like my community had the opportunity to really connect to the brand on a whole new level. As the host of the tour, I was able to really focus on being on stage, secure that each event would run seamlessly with Patsy and her team by my side!"

Denise Duffield-Thomas,

Deb Walsh

“Patsy's passion for creating unique experiences shines in everything she does, from pre-event concepting through final execution. She helped me produce a first-ever event that came in on-budget and unforgettable by all accounts.

Patsy is a true professional who radiates a kind of calm that belies the meticulous and artful attention she gives to every element she builds into your event.” 

— Deb Walsh, Creator of Q Cards, Founder of X Factory

Jeannie Spiro

“Patsy Culp helped me put on the best event in my business to date. I taught and gave my all for three straight days and behind the scenes Patsy and her And Celebrate team took care of me and ensured my guests had an exceptional experience.

Having Patsy support me allowed me to step into my zone of genius and to serve my guests at the highest level possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Patsy.”

— Jeannie Spiro, Business & Speaking Strategist

Mary T. O'Sullivan

“Patsy helped me by taking over many stressful tasks involved with planning my one-day workshop. As a result, the event was beautifully choreographed and well executed. I was especially impressed by her calmness, poise and ability to get the job done! I found the entire experience very reassuring.

If you’re looking for an event planning partner who will take care of all the details in a calm and creative manner - look no further.”

— Mary T. O'Sullivan, Encore Executive Coaching