Patsy Culp, Founder & Celebration Strategist

At just 16-months-old, Patsy was having full-blown conversations with strangers everywhere her family took her — opening the hearts and mouths of everyone on her path. Her inclusive, positive, upbeat nature, coupled with the unwavering belief that life is meant to be celebrated, has been equated to that of Mary Poppins — and is the ethos of And Celebrate.

Before launching And Celebrate, Patsy spent over a decade in corporate marketing building brand awareness through client relations & event management in companies such as Delta Dental of RI, Bottomline Technologies, Bluedog Capital Partners & Swarovski Crystal. During that same time, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, investing thousands of dollars and thousands of hours participating in hundreds of workshops, conferences, lectures, trainings and retreats — unknowingly (at the time), filling her carpet bag with magical tools and resources used to amplify meaning and impact through live events. To date, And Celebrate has supported dozens of clients in the personal/professional development space ranging from intimate high-touch workshops and retreats to large-scale international speaking tours.

Patsy’s creativity, passion for people, indelible desire to foster human connection, and emphasis on celebration doesn’t stop with And Celebrate. You can also find her here & here.

Ashley Holmes, Architect of Possibilities

Dreaming up big, bold ideas and bringing them to life is Ashley’s favorite pastime. As a little girl playing alongside her cousins at her family’s beach house, she first developed this “picture this” approach using her imagination to create fun adventure games and artistic projects for everyone to participate in.

Before joining the And Celebrate team, Ashley's career covered large-scale, high-end, event design management, visual merchandising floor plans and production, trade show project management, and content creation for international companies. A modern-day woman, and jill-of-all-trades, her energy is often likened to what you might imagine a female version of Bert’s character in Mary Poppins to be.

Ashley’s depth of knowledge and unique perspective is incredibly valuable when it comes to designing an unforgettable brand experience. Her keen sense of design and "picture this" approach shines through everything she does and is particularly beneficial when it comes to transforming a physical space into an "in real life" experience.

Travel fuels her inspiration tank. Lucky for us, she beautifully channels her wanderlust into a gorgeous Instagram feed: @curatingchaos. Be sure to check it out —and give her a follow while you're at it.

Backstory: Patsy and Ashley first met while working together at Chamilia, a Swarovski Company. Their roles as Communications Specialist & Merchandising Coordinator overlapped as they collaborated to create compelling imagery and valuable content for a world renowned brand. They often day-dreamed about co-creating something even more personal. Flash forward, a few years later, here they are. The Universe has a funny way of delivering our deepest desires, doesn't it?