Gratitude & Celebration

As I sit down to write this post, I can’t help but feel moved by gratitude. Over the last 12 days I have carved out time each evening to pen 3 to 5 thank you notes addressed to a number of incredible people who have positively impacted my life this year. I have poured all of my love and energy into each one – and now, as I sit back and marvel at the overflowing basket of completed notes on my nightstand, the magnitude of gratitude I feel in my heart is, in a word, overwhelming.

As many of you know, around this time last year I launched & celebrate with the intention to help people find something to celebrate every day. Though the volume of content has been far less consistent than I originally planned, I’ve been learning a tremendous amount about myself behind the scenes. I’ve learned that leaning into a project that fully expresses who you are, is an opportunity to further define, what it means to be you. I’ve learned to celebrate my fears, to sit with the reasons behind what’s causing them, and to meet those thoughts with love. I’ve learned that we can only make lasting change once we fully understand why it is we do the things we do.

Most of all, I have come to wholeheartedly believe that celebration and gratitude go hand in hand. Every time we celebrate, we are saying yes to life, and thank you for all of it. (Words from a very wise woman whom I hold near and dear to my heart.)

Celebration is a delightful concoction of gratitude and self love and joy. It is a practice; a daily commitment to living full out and it requires us to love and accept every part of us.

For me, in this moment – I am celebrating:

  • the start of a consistent writing practice (this means more frequent newsletters showing up in your inbox).
  • my fears by inviting them to come along with me.
  • by saying, “no,” to projects that will distract me from achieving my goals.
  • by saying, “yes,” to spending significantly more time alone, to recharge.
  • by treating myself with more kindness.
  • by saying, “yes,” to more sleep.
  • by saying, “no,” to what has been (in years past) an exhausting holiday season fueled by feelings of guilt and obligation.
  • by saying, “hell yes,” to more quality time and meaningful conversations with the people I love (especially with my man).

What about you? As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, I invite you to take inventory of what you’re celebrating – or feeling grateful for – in this moment. I’d love to hear from you. Please drop me a note at, or leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts about celebration as “gratitude in action” – and don’t forget to include what you’re celebrating today. 

Celebrate Each Other with Kendra Noonan Hughes

Celebrate Each Other with Kendra Noonan Hughes

Every time I hang up the phone with Kendra, I am ready to take on the world. Kendra, Founder of Shining Through the Shadows, has a beautiful spirit and a very special gift of holding space for others to instantly feel comfortable with vulnerability. She sees deep beneath the surface and shines back to you what you most need to hear to heal your way into the light. I highly recommend speaking with Kendra if you are ready to bust through your blocks and step fully into your authentic self. I am honored to know her and extremely fortunate to work with her. Read on to learn more about Kendra, her business, and what celebration means to her.

In Case You Missed It: Lady Project Summer Guide

Photo cred: The one, the only, Brittanny Taylor

Photo cred: The one, the only, Brittanny Taylor

What a joy it was to be part of the amazing collaboration that is the 2015 Lady Project Summer Guide. This time around, I had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with Holly Vine of Holly Likes to Cook and Laura Kanzler of Writing, Marketing, and Wine(ing) for a piece called "How to throw a Summer Soiree," with gorgeous photos captured by Stacey Doyle of Stacey Doyle Photography.

As many of you know, the Lady Project is all about showcasing amazing women doing amazing things in each city it is a part of. It’s truly incredible what can happen when women team up to make something awesome!

Photo Cred: the one, the only, Brittanny Taylor

Photo Cred: the one, the only, Brittanny Taylor

I also had the immense pleasure of putting my set styling skills to work at the editorial photo shoot, alongside the fashion direction of Olivia Rodrigues and out-of-this-world photography skills of Miss Brittanny Taylor.

Be sure to check-out the full online magazine here:

Happy summer shopping & relaxing, P



Today is a Good Day to Start

This past week I found myself back on the yoga mat  – twice! – after months of little to no exercise. I always feel better when I commit to the practice – my body feels stronger and so does my mind. As I lay on the mat breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, it all became very clear:  I’ve been standing in my own way.

It’s been far too long since my last post. I’ve been agonizing over my lack of consistent content creation to the point of immobilization, which in turn, further fuels my feelings of guilt and shame. First step: acknowledging that mindset as a terrible use of time and energy.

As I deepened my stretch into downward facing dog, I gave myself permission to let it all go. I filled myself up with love and compassion (in through the nose), and released the guilt, shame, fear, and frustration, (out through my mouth). Over and over again. Then I made a commitment to take action straight away.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.
— Robert Collier

It is the small consistent steps that pave the way for massive change. If you have a blog that hasn’t been receiving the time and attention it deserves, commit to writing for 15 minutes a day – first thing in the morning, or right before you go to sleep. Maybe you, too, have been away from the yoga mat for too long. Carve out 10 minutes for light stretching before you jump in the shower to start your day. Perhaps it means you’re going to finally move a few dollars from checking into your savings account. Whatever it is, take action. Start today. Before you know it, your momentum will grow and that tiny action step will be a catalyst for positive change and greater impact.

Tell me in the comments below, what is it that you’ve been putting off? How can you take action today? It is a good day to start after all.

Lots of love, P

Celebrate Each Other with Holly Vine

Celebrate Each Other with Holly Vine

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Holly Vine, maven behind the cookery blog, Holly Likes to Cook! Holly and I recently connected through the Providence Lady Project and quickly bonded over our shared passion for cultivating bespoke event experiences through phenomenal food, fabulous decor, and personalized design elements. (I am squealing with excitement about our plans for collaboration this fall.) Holly is one badass sweetheart from across the pond who will make you fall in love with cooking even if you don't know the first thing about it. She's gorgeous (inside and out). She tells it like it is (with a British accent that makes everything sound more romantic). And, she is a magician in the kitchen. Read on to learn more about Holly, her blog, and what celebration means to her.