Permission to Celebrate

I get it; you probably don’t walk around carrying confetti in your pocket at all times ready to sprinkle it as soon as you recognize a reason to celebrate! (Even I don't do that...all of the time). But here's the thing, not every celebration calls for streamers, a big band and balloonsCelebrating can be as simple as acknowledging the small step you took toward making that difficult decision, nearing that end goal, or sincerely staying true to yourself.

Today, I give myself permission to celebrate the launch of this platform and all of its imperfections. Today, I give myself permission to celebrate by taking a very long nap, followed by an equally long bath.

Today, I challenge you to give yourself permission to celebrate all the little steps you took this week toward your dreams no matter how large or small. Take a moment reflect on how far you've come & celebrate. Not sure how? Get some fresh air, stop into your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to a hot cider or something equally as delicious, buy yourself a $5 bouquet of fresh flowers...or follow my lead and start by taking a nap. 

Happy celebrating! P

Patsy Culp

& celebrate, 616 Hope St, Providence, RI, 02906, United States