Celebrate Each Other with Kitchen Fellowship

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Kitchen Fellowship. 

I've spent most of my life baking and cooking and connecting people. When I moved to a new town after college and faced months of loneliness, I saw how my time in the kitchen brought me out of isolation and into meaningful friendships. It was the muffins baked for neighbors, the invitations extended to shared meals around my table, the meaningful conversations I'd foster with strangers at the grocery store that made all the difference. I figured there must be others who face similar challenges in a variety of seasons of life and I wanted to help them foster authentic camaraderie. Kitchen Fellowship was born! 

Elevator pitch. 1-2-3-go! (You have 30 seconds).

I created the Kitchen Fellowship community to help people foster fellowship and restoration in their lives, one meal at a time. I long to see people break free from the daily grind, nourish more meaningful connections, erase loneliness, and bring wholeness to their families and communitie

You're in the business of helping people recognize reasons to celebrate through fellowship. How do you define "celebration"?

An intentional pause to acknowledge the good in life. 

The mission of & celebrate is to inspire people to find something to celebrate every day. What little things in your business are you celebrating today?

The growth of the community at Kitchen Fellowship and the real relationships that form there. The connection to readers in 64 countries, the launch of my 'Authentic Hospitality // Simple Party' guidebook, and the upcoming Art & Eats retreats that I'm hosting for women in my community as a way to raise funds for non-profits with missions of fellowship and restoration.

Describe your favorite way to celebrate.

I love a good picnic. There's something magical about sharing a simple meal outdoors with those I love and admire. Bonus if there's a bonfire! Double bonus if there's a cherry raspberry pie! 

Lastly, how can people get in touch with you? 

I love hearing from people directly and encourage folks to email me at alysa[at]kitchenfellowship[dot]com. They can also connect with me via my website www.kitchenfellowship.com/about or on Facebook or Twitter. 

Patsy Culp

& celebrate, 616 Hope St, Providence, RI, 02906, United States