Celebrate Each Other with Judy Peebles


Judy Peebles and I were drawn to one another at a workshop in San Francisco, CA (back in 2012) because we both have red hair. Judy is a wonderful life coach. She has talked me off several cliffs, guided me through making major decisions, put me in touch with extraordinary people, and shared many laughs. She keeps me accountable. I will be forever grateful for her support and I am so excited to feature her here today, so you all have a chance to be touched by her amazingness. Read on to learn more about Judy, her business, and what celebration means to her. (Even more exciting: Judy will be hosting a workshop here in Providence, RI on May 9th! Registration information is embedded below. You won't want to miss it!)

Elevator pitch. 1-2-3-go! (You have 30 seconds).

I am Judy Peebles, creator of The Journaling Jenius™ & The Knowledge Series™ - 5 Keys to Accelerate Your Success. I am an International Speaker, Trainer & Coach. I work primarily with corporate clients from Execs to Admins and small business owners, either in groups or one-on-one. Often my clients are overachievers who have both a career and a small business.

I help them create more professional and life success. We focus on overcoming challenges, breaking through barriers, both internal and external and improving their skills.

My claim to fame is that many years ago while working in the U.K, I trained some of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s staff. 

Give us a quick history of how The Journaling Jenius™ came to be.

After climbing the corporate ladder in hi-tech for many years, I decided to look for other alternatives. Instead of taking vacations I went to workshops and training programs. I received my coaching training and was officially a Master Results Coach and Performance Consultant, trained in NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I started doing some coaching on a part time basis and teaching an occasional workshop. Then I wrote down in my journal that I wanted to get laid off. Two days later, I as laid off from my corporate job.

I created the Journaling Jenius™ brand because I believe that journaling or writing is a powerful tool for both personal and professional development. I had certainly used it extensively myself.

Most people think journaling is just about writing about your feelings and, yes, it is a very effective way to process emotions, but it is so much more than that. Studies have shown that when we write and then read what we have written, our words enter our brain in a different portion of the brain. They come into the logical, more cognitive part of the brain, which can be very helpful to see things differently.

Different journaling techniques can be used to gain clarity, brainstorm, work on relationship issues, make decisions, find solutions and much more.

As well, as The Journaling Jenius™ you are also known as the creator of The Knowledge Series™ - 5 Keys to Accelerate Your Success. Can you tell us more about that?

The Knowledge Series™ came about as a result of how I was working with my private clients. I wanted to be able to help more people get what they wanted, no limits and have fun along the way.

The 5 Keys – Vision, Framework, Leverage, Brilliance & Breakthrough – were effectively helping my clients achieve their goals, often faster than they expected.

Faster results sounds great. How can we learn more about these 5 Keys?

The best way is to attend one of my live High Heeled Haven webinars. I explain the 5 Keys, teach other tools and offer spot coaching. If you can’t make a live session, you can download a recently recorded session: http://theknowledgeseries.com/events/communication-is-key

How is your coaching different from other professional coaches?

I think the biggest difference is that I don’t classify myself as just a business coach or just a life coach. I work with my clients on every aspect of their lives. And I do not take a cookie cutter approach. Even in my workshops and group coaching sessions, I tailor my coaching techniques to meet the needs of the individuals, instead of expecting unique individuals to fit into a standardized program.

You're in the business of helping people celebrate their careers and businesses. How do you define "celebration"?

Other than traditional celebrations like birthdays and holidays, celebration used to be a bit of an anomaly to me. When I was in still at my Corporate job and started working with a coach, I was introduced to the concept of celebrating everything. Like many of my clients who are very goal driven and just check one thing after another off their list, I needed to learn to take time to celebrate, even the little things.

I often ask my clients, how did you celebrate that? Or how will you celebrate that? Planning the celebration can often help drive us to do things towards our goals even when we don’t feel like doing them.

Once when I asked one of my clients how she celebrated an achievement, she told me that she bought soap. Turns out she has a favorite soap that she likes to buy to treat herself. Now when she has accomplished something, I ask her if she bought soap!

Celebration can be anything that makes you happy. Sometimes just a Wooo Hooo (I sometimes text that to my clients) can give you that little boost.

The mission of & celebrate is to inspire people to find something to celebrate every day. What little things in your life & business are you celebrating today?

During this crazy winter that has been slamming the east coast and mid-west, I am certainly celebrating the fabulous weather in Northern California where I live. And looking forward to coming to Providence in May for the Communication is Key workshop.


Describe your favorite way to celebrate.

Champagne and chocolate are almost always a good choice. But simpler things work, too. A nice chat with a friend. Being beside the ocean. And my newest favorite is FaceTime with my grand-daughter, Isobel, who lives London and just turned 1 year old.

Lastly, how can we get in touch with you?

Judy Peebles
International Speaker, Trainer & Coach
Creator of The Journaling Jenius™, The Knowledge Series™ & High Heeled Haven™ 

408-859-PINK (7465)

Patsy Culp

& celebrate, 616 Hope St, Providence, RI, 02906, United States