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I am overjoyed to introduce you to Lauren Silveira, Organizing & Simplicity Maven! Lauren and I first connected through the Providence Lady Project and we quickly bonded over our fascination with feng shui, and our shared belief in the importance of designing physical spaces to reflect how we want to feel. Lauren is a prime example of what it means to "live your truth." Authentic, passionate, positive, generous and intuitive - she approaches life the same way she approaches an organizing project - with enthusiasm! Lauren is on a mission to help people celebrate their spaces by eliminating clutter and making the best use of their square footage to maximize joy. Not only will she help you fall in love with your space, she'll help you identify how you want to feel - which inevitably carries over into all other areas of your life. If you missed it, I shared my "Clutter-Me-Free" experience here. Read on to learn more about Lauren, her business Organized for Life, and what celebration means to her.

Give us a quick history of Organized for Life and how it came to be.

Funny you ask, it all loops back to the 80s, Madonna and a very active 9 year old's imagination. About 4 years ago I was feeling unfulfilled in my career choices, and found myself very often longing to make a difference somehow, tap into what I loved to do and I knew something needed to change. It was clear where my passion lied- in simplifying, organizing and bringing spaces to life. I was always volunteering to help friends organize their closets, rearranging furniture and had a very strong belief that the spaces we live and work in have a direct connection to the way that we feel.  I've always kept a journal, even as a child. One night I was at my parents reading through one of them from when I was about 9. It went into detail about how I was going to organize Madonna's closet, have it color coded and even install shelving units that turned so she could easily find what she needed. At 9 years old I was day dreaming of organizing. That was the aha moment. I knew I wanted to help others find clarity in their lives, by achieving clarity in their space. So I started up a blog, a few months later made some business cards and got to work building Organized for Life.  

Elevator pitch. 1-2-3-go! (You have 30 seconds).

I could talk about organizing for days! But if I had 30 seconds- Organized for Life believes the spaces we live in and work in are directly connected to the way that we feel. It's on a mission to help other's gain clarity in their lives through letting go of what is no longer serving them and clearing space to allow all the good stuff to flow. It's never about perfection, but about surrounding ourselves with what we love, is useful to use and brings us joy.

You're in the business of helping people celebrate their spaces by simplifying and reorganizing their "stuff." How do you define "celebration"?

Celebration should be part of our everyday lives. It's about the small and the large. To me there is no distinction between the two. When we have a bad day, or something isn't going as we planned we can celebrate the fact that we woke up that day, that we are alive and able to make choices to have a better day. We have to celebrate the small things to appreciate the big things.

Celebration and gratitude go hand in hand. Every time we celebrate, we are saying yes to life, and thank you for all of it. There is always something to celebrate.

You are on a mission to help others achieve balance and simplicity within their lives! (I love that.) Can you tell us how someone who doesn't know where to begin cleaning out the clutter might start?

You have to create a vision for the space that is based on the way you want to feel. Deciding how you want to feel in the space takes priority over anything else. Write it out, say it aloud. Focus on how happy it makes you to envision a clutter free home or work space for yourself. Once you have pin pointed that feeling- you take it step by step. Room by room. Tackle the small projects first and work your way up to larger tasks. Identify everything in your space as needing a specific home, and it must live with like items. Clearing clutter is never about perfection or trying to get it done in a day. It's actually filled with daily habits, and is a life long process. Trying to manage it all by taking it on at once will never work. You just have to breathe and take it one day at a time. 

Would you be willing to share your top three space saving tips for simplified living?

Simplified living is really about deciding that you only want to surround yourself with what is useful to you, and that you love. Make conscious choices everyday in your home about what stays and what goes. When you come across clothing for example that doesn't fit correctly or doesn't make you feel good have a donation bin nearby to toss it in. The more you edit and pair down more simplified your life becomes. Always accommodate the space, not your possessions. This is probably my number one rule. Alot of people say I don't have enough space when in actuality they just have too much stuff! It's important to work with what we have in terms of space to not feel overwhelm in our homes. Lastly, flat surfaces are not storage surfaces! Kitchen counters, bathroom counters they tend to get very cluttered up quick. The expression a place for everything and everything in its place is not about perfection but about simplifying. Implement that into your home, even your work space and clear the clutter off those counters. Instant calming effect.

The mission of celebrate is to inspire people to find something to celebrate every day. What little things in your business are you celebrating today?

This month I am celebrating 3 years in business! This was an opportunity for me to reflect on the last 3 years and think about what's next for Organized for Life. For me it's all about celebrating small accomplishments each month and focusing on collaborating with others. I am a big fan of community, and sisterhood. Having an opportunity such as this one to be featured on & celebrate is reason enough for celebration! I also love the thank you notes I receive from clients, as well as the messages they send through social media. Sometimes just hearing the words "thank you for helping me gain clarity in my life" fills me with so much gratitude I'm literally in tears. A few kind words from a client are cause for a big celebration. I also am working on my e-book which should be available in the fall. I finished one chapter and literally jumped for joy!  

Describe your favorite way to celebrate.

There are so many ways to celebrate, but for me just having my husband, family and friends around the table with some food and laughter is all I need. Raising our cups and saying cheers to life. That's my favorite way to celebrate, always with the ones I love. 

Lastly, how can we get in touch with you?

Organized for Life is all about engaging others, sharing and inspiring. You can find me on Facebook- Organized for LifeLauren Silveira (@orgforlife) | TwitterYoutube and my Organized for Life - Organized for Life which also has my blog and for direct contact information and my cell which is 401-369-2311. I make it super easy to connect! 


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