It's All About Communication

Almost every misunderstanding, hurt feeling, or missed deadline all boils down to miscommunication. Communication effects all areas of our lives, from our relationships with our spouses, to our parents, friends, and colleagues. Sometimes it feels like a terrible game of "telephone."

Which is why I am so excited to announce that Judy Peebles, my long-time coach, mentor, and friend, will be hosting her Communication is Key workshop here in Providence on Saturday, May 9! You won't want to miss it. Get all the details here:

I've learned some great tips on this topic from Judy over the years. Here are a few:

1) Listen up. Get out of your own head and tune into what the other person is saying. Often times we have so much going on in our own brains that if we don't turn off the internal dialogue, we can misinterpret what a friend, or colleague is saying. This goes hand and hand with the next point.

2) Create the space to listen. There are constant interruptions in our everyday lives - especially in the work place. If you are in the middle of a task, and someone pops over to your desk to ask a question, politely ask if you can meet them in the cafeteria in 10 minutes. Remove yourself from email and phone interruptions, and put yourself in a fresh environment where you can be "all ears."

3) Ask questions! If you don't understand directions, need additional information, or want to clarify priorities, it's important to ask questions and set expectations.

4) Repeat back what you heard: "So you're looking for a draft of the layout by Tuesday afternoon?" Get confirmation on what the other person is looking for. This simple step can eliminate a lot of confusion.

One of Judy's favorite quotes is:

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place.
— George Benard Shaw

To learn more about Judy's workshop, join her for a High Heeled Haven webinar tomorrow night, March 19 at 6:30 p.m. EST: She'll be delivering some dynamite content and you'll even have the opportunity to receive some free coaching on the call. I'll be there - hope you will too.

And, stay tuned for Friday's "Celebrating Each Other" feature to learn more about Judy's business and what celebration means to her.

Happy communicating! P

Patsy Culp

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