Take back the Evening too

It's amazing how taking back the morning has led me to take back the evenings, as well. I find myself getting into bed earlier in anticipation of my early morning alarm and spending a few minutes sipping hot tea and recapping all of the fabulous micro-moments that brought me joy throughout the day:

The feeling of the hot water against my skin as I shower in the morning. The taste of my new favorite coffee. The friendly greeting from the security guard as I swiped my badge to get into work. The thoughtful text I received from a friend part-way through the day. Lunch and laughter with an old friend. Quick hellos and "I love you" to my family via phone. Squeals of brainstorm excitement over beer with my new business partner. Being asked, "how was your day?," when I finally returned home.

Some days the list is shorter than others, but no matter how long the list - this daily reflection leaves me with a full heart. Every time. As the law of attraction states, "energy flows where attention goes." By acknowledging those little moments of joy, you ultimately create more joy. Reliving those happy moments leaves me feeling grateful and happy as I doze off to sleep. 

Tell me in the comments below, do you have an evening wind-down, or reflection practice? I would love to know what works for you!

Here's to taking back the evening too! Love, P


Patsy Culp

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