Be Adventurous & Celebrate

I just returned from the most amazing weekend adventure I have experienced in a long time. Two of my best girlfriends and I spent the weekend in Nashville, TN. A dream adventure for the three of us. For years we have been belting out country tunes whenever we’re together, in every car ride, at every living room dance party and karaoke bar you can imagine. I traveled to Nashville with my husband several years ago to visit his family and run the Country Music Half Marathon. The level of musical talent in that city is mind-boggling and the energy is simply electric. It was my dream to celebrate my thirtieth birthday with my country-music-loving-girlfriends in Nashville. A girls weekend. Uninhibited. Only requirement: live in the moment.

And, that is just what we did. We soaked up the sights, sounds and flavors of Music City and tried our hardest to bottle up the energy we were feeling as result of being together on those honky-tonk floors. The photos above provide a snapshot of our whirlwind tour (please forgive the low-quality iPhone images, views were much better in person). Huge thanks to Bob & Angie, Chris & Sara for making our trip extra special.

Wikipedia will tell you “an adventure is an exciting unusual experience.” There is something about being on an adventure that allows you to explore, play, and discover without reservation. These days we are all so perpetually busy that we don’t take the time to slow down and explore, play, or discover. When we are on an adventure we give ourselves permission to be in the moment, create new memories, and feed our dreams -- all things that are simply good for the soul.

I challenge you to carve out some time this week to go on an adventure. Embarking on an adventure does not mean you have to board a plane, or step into your hiking boots (or authentic cowgirl boots for that matter). It could mean that you spend an afternoon pretending to be a tourist in your own town, or finally take the time to stop into a new shop you’ve been meaning to explore (Rhody Craft), shameless plug and nudge to you Providence locals. You could also try a new restaurant, visit a new park, or set out on a bike tour of a nearby neighborhood. Whatever you decide, be sure to give yourself permission to be in the moment and soak up your surroundings. I think you'll be glad you did.

Tell me in the comments below, how do you define adventure? What will your next adventure be? Once you’ve adventured, come back and share what you discovered.

 Be adventurous & celebrate! P

Patsy Culp

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