Celebrate Each Other a Personal Thank You

It’s really important in life and business that we take the time to celebrate one another. This why I had to create a weekly blog spot titled “Celebrate Each Other.” This week I'm celebrating the many people who helped me bring & celebrate to life: Carole Ann PenneyJudy PeeblesChris Colbert, Brittanny TaylorKate SinerMarie ForeloSierra Barter & Julie SygielDyana ValentineNikki GroomAmyCQ. Read on to see how these amazing folks have influenced me this year.

The launch of & celebrate would not have been possible without these folks. Today, I am taking a break from my usual "Celebrate Each Other" format to personally say, "thanks."

Carole Ann Penney introduced me to the term "slasher", someone who when asked "what do you do?" cannot give one answer. Instantly, I knew I must work with her. In the words of Sierra Barter, "Carole Ann is an angel sent from Vermont." I could not agree more. Without Carole Ann's guidance, I would still be confused about who I wanted to be and frustrated that I didn't have a true path. She is responsible for helping me turn my slashes into dashes and activating the thread that runs through my separate identities. (Words lifted from her website, but too good not to use. It's what she does!) The underlying theme in all that I do as a chief celebrator / marketing director / lifestyle blogger / scrap booker / homemaker is celebration! And, so & celebrate was born. Deep, deep, gratitude my friend. I cannot thank you enough.

Judy Peebles and I were drawn to one another at a Loral Langemier workshop in San Francisco, CA back in 2012 because we both have red hair. Judy is a wonderful life coach. She has talked me off several cliffs, guided me through making major decisions, put me in touch with extraordinary people, and shared many laughs. She keeps me accountable. Thank you, Judy. Your support means the world to me.

Chris Colbert was my Say it with Shoes birthing coach. These beautiful babies would not have been brought into the world without his help. And, for that I will be forever grateful. Many, many thanks, Chris. Be ready, another brood is growing inside me... estimated due date early 2015.

Dr. Kate Siner and I spent an entire day jamming about what my services and offerings might look like. On Monday evening, I am hosting my very first DIT (do.it.together) workshop and I must thank Kate for planting the seed. Kate's business knowledge is insightful and her personality is just awesome. I look forward to working together again, Kate.

Marie Foreleo and I have never met, but enrolling in her B-SCHOOL program was one of the best things I could have done for myself and my business. A few B-SCHOOL nuggets: "start before you're ready," "everything is figureoutable," and "the world needs that special gift that only YOU have." The B-SCHOOL community is rich with talent and overflowing with love and support. The connections I've made through B-SCHOOL continue to shape my life and business. Marie, I am eternally grateful for the fact that this program is accessible for life. I plan on diving back in right away. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brittanny Taylor is my fabulous photographer. She is responsible for the gorgeous photos you see throughout the site. She is a magician behind the lens and has a gifted eye for design, which I truly admire. Not only is she a HUGE talent, but she is someone you meet once and feel like you have known your whole life. We laugh every time we are together and I just can't get enough. The first thing everyone who sees this site for the first time asks is, "who is your photographer? Your photos are amazing!" My response is, "the fabulous Brittanny Taylor." Deep thanks for helping me bring this brand to life, Britt. I couldn't do it without you.

Sierra Barter & Julie Sygiel Thank you for creating The Lady Project. This organization has connected me to fabulous women such as Carole Ann Penney & Brittanny Taylor. (Shout-out to Nikki Groom for encouraging me to attend the Lady Project Summit last year. I had no idea at the time that the connections I would make that day would lead me to the launch of & celebrate. HUGE thanks, my friend). Sierra & Julie, I cannot say enough good about this organization. Walking into a Lady Project event is like what I imagine the feeling to be when I visit heaven someday: hit with the purest, most intense energy; enveloped in love; fully supported. Sincerest thanks, ladies. You ROCK!

This post would not be complete without thanking the one-and-only Dyana Valentine for guiding me to uncover my Super Conditions for Greatness two summers ago in a cozy cottage by the ocean in Newburyport. There, I first met Nikki Groom and reconnected with the especially talented AmyCQ; two ladies who continue to cheer me on every step of the way. I am counting down the days to our Mastermind Retreat.

I also need to thank my closest friends for their never ending support and enthusiasm surrounding & celebrate. Each of you inspire me daily and keep pushing me to create. Big HUGS.

To my family, this goes without saying, I love you. Thank you for the phone calls, notes and messages from a far. I feel deeply loved.

And to my man, thank you for believing in me. All the little things that you do as I continue to burn the candle at both ends do not go unnoticed. It is a joy to be your wife.

To those who continue to send me notes of encouragement and share what you are celebrating, a HUGE - THANK YOU! Hearing your reasons to celebrate truly lights me up. Keep 'em coming.

I am absolutely certain there are more who have influenced me in countless ways - so, to you too - THANK YOU!

Tell me in the comments below, who are you thankful for this season?

With love and overwhelming gratitude, P

Patsy Culp

& celebrate, 616 Hope St, Providence, RI, 02906, United States