Celebrate Each Other with Whole Food Love

Meet Shannon and Meg Sullivan (two sisters) of Whole Food Love. I have a whole lotta love and gratitude for these awesome ladies. My whole life changed as a result of working with them. Within a few short weeks of implementing the simple recipes and food substitutions Shannon recommended, I stopped craving sugar and regained the afternoon-energy coffee and sweet treats were draining me of. Read on to learn how they define celebration & what you can do this holiday season to keep your health on track!

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Whole Food Love. Whole Food Love is the dream of two sisters, formerly corporate junkies, whose 65 hour work weeks led them down the dark alley of greasy take-out meals and consistent caffeine cravings. After constant fatigue and a digestive health scare, we decided to "sober up" and found a way to combine real food + real life. We could see the changes our diet made in our own lives and this inspired a passion to share whole food nutrition!

Elevator pitch. 1-2-3-go! (You have 30 seconds).  We design individual and group programs that teach meal preparation as a life skill for

- the busiest lady boss whose feet and back ache from years spent climbing to the top of the corporate ladder

- the mommy who can’t find time to blow dry her hair and whose go-to makeup is tinted chapstick

- the young professional who just decided that eating out so often is eating up all of her rent money 

After changing habits, educating on real food and learning a few, simple cooking skills you experience reduction of medication, more free time and 20% savings on your grocery bill!

You're in the business of helping people celebrate healthy lifestyles. How do you define "celebration”? We always say “celebrate the small wins.” So for us and our clients, every time you choose to bust out the blender and make your own breakfast smoothie before you leave the house, and happily walk past Jamba Juice with more money in you pocket and energy in your body- it’s a time to celebrate!  Or for the times you realize it’s 4:30pm and you sailed right through the 2:00pm crash that used to send you running for your Starbucks boost- it’s a time to celebrate!  And especially for the time you order your favorite dessert at that fancy restaurant and can't help but smile as you guiltlessly close the menu, because you’ve stuck to your healthy eating plan all month and it’s time to indulge (did I mention guilt-free?!)- it’s a time to celebrate!

Being that the holidays are right around the corner, can you provide us with a few tips on how to keep our health a priority this time of year? When you’re surrounded by cookies, cakes, and endless eggnog it can be hard to keep health in the forefront of your mind, especially when everyone else around you is treating themselves nonstop! The way our clients commit to their health is by having a plan in place (with a little wiggle room).  Here are our most successful “plan & prioritize” options for December:

- head to the mall equipped with your own “purse-handy” homemade healthy snacks, so when hunger hits, you can walk past the festive Cinnabon that’s caroling your name

- offer to bring a “healthier” version of a favorite holiday dish to parties, so you won’t cross your fingers in hopes of finding something other than cheesy, carb-loaded, sugar laden, etc.

- or (the most successful choice) of starting your New Years’ Resolution early and enrolling in a guided program NOW, before the holidays whirl your health choices right out the window.  You MUST plan and be prepared in order to keep your health a priority during holiday season when people spend so much time, effort and money to make themselves (and others) happy.

The mission of & celebrate is to inspire people to find something to celebrate every day. What little things in your business are you celebrating today? We are so excited right now because we just launched the second round of our virtual group Beautiful University program, an introduction to the whole food lifestyle.  The feedback we’ve received has been absolutely amazing and makes us so grateful to have the opportunity to work with our amazing clients!  We’ve been told that our program reinvigorated the love for cooking and has put healthy eating back in the realm of possible for our busier clients. Over 8 weeks, we’ve seen dramatic changes in our clients and their happiness and excitement is contagious!

Describe your favorite way to celebrate. Our favorite celebrations are those quality times that you just can’t get rid of the smile on your face!  Whether it’s from a funny movie, hilarious conversation with your friends, or a family holiday get-together.  The “I’m so happy I can’t stop smiling” face is the absolute tell-tale sign of a celebration!

Lastly, how can people get in touch with you? Well we are all over social media!  You can check us out on Facebook @WholeFood Love,  Twitter @BeetsNTweets,  Pinterest @wholefoodies, Instagram @WholeFoodLoves and of course our website: www.wholefoodlove.com For a limited time, when you sign up for our newsletter we’ll send you the Secrets of How to Kick Your Sugar Daddy to the Curb (and get off sugar for good)!

Patsy Culp

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