Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things! The unlimited combinations of paper and ribbons, bows and yarn - man, I could wrap for days on end and never grow tired of it!

Last week, I held an ornament making and gift wrapping inspiration workshop. It was so much fun (honestly, it felt more like a party than a workshop). Everyone was encouraged to bring a gift to wrap. I wrapped a few packages before guests arrived to serve as inspiration, then we gathered together and let our creative juices flow. I hope you draw inspiration from the photos below. Thank you again, Miss Brittanny Taylor!

Wrapping Tips

Gather your materials. You will need wrapping paper (get creative, you don't have to run to a Hallmark store - paper bags you have been hoarding under your sink from the grocery store, decorative papers or old maps you have collected over the years will work too), scissors, clear tape, and ribbon to add a finishing touch.

Clear a large flat surface for cutting and assembling. (This was one thing that was missing at the workshop. Thanks for being such great sports, y'all. Working with limited space can be tricky). 

Measure how much paper to cut. Place your gift upside down in the center of the paper you've selected. Loosely raise each edge of the paper to the middle of the box to get a feel for how much wrap you'll need. Once you've measured how much you'll need to cover the box, bring the roll back down to the flat surface and cut a straight line at the edge of the roll.

Adhere the paper to the box. Tape one edge of your freshly trimmed sheet to the bottom of the box. Then bring up the next edge to meet it (it's okay if it overlaps a little). Choose one side of the box and form a triangle with the overhang of paper, bring it up the side and fold it to reach the top of the box, then secure with tape. Repeat on the other side.

Add some flare! Lastly, give your gift a finishing touch to make it look special. Tie a bow, attach a handmade ornament, add some greenery - the possibilities for accessorizing your packages are endless.

Most importantly, have fun! Think outside the box. Don't limit yourself to one idea. Go wild. Choose specific paper for specific people. Add personalized handmade gift tags, or use funky ribbon you know your sister is going to love, or think about using three or four different types of ribbon on the same gift!

Tell me in the comments below, what are some of your favorite holiday gift wrapping combinations? Find me on social media and upload your creations with the hashtag #giftwrapandcelebrate.

Wishing you hours of love-filled wrapping! Cheers, P

Patsy Culp

& celebrate, 616 Hope St, Providence, RI, 02906, United States