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This week I am relying on a little help from my friends! I would like to introduce you to my incredibly talented, sweet and generous friend Michelle Sousa. (Michelle designed the gorgeous bouquet captured on the homepage. Little did she know at the time, her work would set the tone for the entire & celebrate brand. I am so grateful)! Michelle's brother first introduced us when I was doing freelance graphic design and she was looking for someone to design her new business logo. We became fast friends throughout the design process and it just thrills me to see her business taking off. Read on to learn how Michelle will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year and how you can create an inexpensive festive autumn garland centerpiece that will "wow" your guests.


Take it away, Michelle...

Oh how I love the Thanksgiving holiday! It’s just the perfect time of year for me; filled with family, food, cheer, the much needed food coma after the food... oh and the constant stream of slapstick comedies like Dumb and Dumber and Austin Powers. Every year, we gather around to see them as if we were all watching them for the very first time. For some reason they just never get old to us. This year will be different for me. Now that I am living on the west coast, I will be flying in. I will be helping to prepare a Thanksgiving feast with my brother in Providence, RI. I am so looking forward to spending time with him and seeing the rest of the family! 

Our Thanksgiving holidays are loud, boisterous and very Portuguese. With all the kids bustling around now including the new set of twins (my niece and nephew) who were born this year, there will probably be a lot of crying. The only good news amidst all the noise is that usually after a few drinks, the talking over each other gets more tolerable. Even throughout all of the craziness, I find that moment to be thankful. It happens year after year. Sitting back in my chair, I take the time to capture and savor all those smiling faces in the room. I am extremely blessed and grateful to be able to call them family. I am most thankful for, love, silliness, family and get-togethers with lots of food. 

Being a floral designer this time of year is certainly fun for me! As much as I enjoy designing floral centerpieces for the holidays, I equally enjoy creating the perfect ambience to entertain guests. I want to share with you some of my techniques on entertaining and creating a fun and festive centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

This year I will be decorating with some pretty, simple, yet elegant table garland. I love to decorate this way. It’s an easy and cost effective way to add some holiday cheer into any room. What I love most about the garland is that it can have a big impact with a minimal amount of effort. Who doesn’t like that? So, if you are looking for a way to dress up your table will a little DIY, this will be just the perfect thing for you! Prepare to look like a super star. 


Garland Centerpiece How To:

You will not need many materials. Have fun with this and don’t worry about making it look perfect. With this centerpiece you are going for a whimsical and causal look so keep it simple. If you’re like me, you may find yourself outside forging around for some left over tree branches or clippings of bushes. This is a nice free option and really helps to bring the outdoors inside. When you venture out there, aim for branches that are somewhat longer in length, have colored leaves, or even branches that have dried berries on them. Collect anywhere from 5-8 branches. If you can’t find anything outside, go to your local Whole Food’s floral department, they always have a good selection to chose from. Or, stop by a Michael’s store, which has Ashland huckleberry leaf sprays for $4.99 each. 

Once you have the branches sorted out, you will find everything else you need at a local grocery store. Choose any bunch of burgundy or dark red colored flowers. I like Dahlias for this look. Go for flowers that are big and fluffy and be sure to stick to the autumn color palette. You will need to pick up some fruit for your table settings, as well. I like using pomegranates. Lastly, to really bring out the harvest look, you can use some wheat or dried millet. 

When you get home, you want to layer the branches down the center of the table, layering them at alternating angles to achieve a uniform look. Cut your flower stems so they’re about 3 to 4 inches long and you can nestle them between the branches at interesting angles. If you would like, you can add votive candleholders, which will add a nice glow to your table. Place them between the flowers and branches in a serpentine shape. Keep the flowers away from the heat so they may last all day. Tuck the candles more into the branches. Finish the look by adding the millet or wheat, weaving it in and out of your garland until it looks pleasing to your eye.

I love white dishes and gold flatware. The white is simple and clean and I think the gold adds a lot of elegance. Your napkins can really be any color that compliments your autumn looking garland. Even some simple stripes? Lay them down the center of your white plate and place one pomegranate on each napkin. To complete your Thanksgiving table, decorate with wine glasses and add height with a pretty glass water bottle. 

*If you like vintage glassware like me and have some, now would be the perfect time to pull it out! 

I encourage you to have lots of fun this Thanksgiving and enjoy the time spent with loved ones. If you try the garland, post a picture in the comments below. Patsy and I would love to see your masterpiece! Wishing you a wonderful holiday.

Cheers,  Michelle
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