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X Factory - Summer of Love Sunset Gathering

Hosted by Deb Walsh, founder of X Factory

A special X Factory "Summer of Love" boho-themed gathering on the beach at sunset. We'll explore learning to love yourself, loving your journey, and loving the unknown. A theme for all women, especially anyone at a catalyst point: college grads, new moms, new careers, or new life circumstance. Join this inspiring night of conversation under the stars.  

X Factory is a community of women redefining how we connect, converse, and discover meaning.  Join a gathering of passionate, forward-thinking women together in these enlightening and inspiring conversations. 

Our community is an inter-generational story-sharing evening anchored in the belief that when we bring our best selves and our wisdom to the table, we connect and grow in ways no ordinary kind of "networking" event can. 

Why are we called X Factory? X is the unknown variable in mathematics awaiting discovery.  XX is the female chromosome. The "X Factor" is that elusive magic that makes something fabulously different. And it's a factory because it's a where we gather to create together.   

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